Christmas home photosession



A few moments before the December is here, and some people ask me if I do shoot in studio?
That's right, last year I’ve done shooting with several families, but there was one kid who was very agitated and nervous in that unusual environment, lights, flashes, a lot of time was spent to adapt and then we had not too much time left for actual shooting. I try to avoid using flashlights when working with, cause it’s better to raise your ISO a bit than to get this sad and nervous expression on a kid’s face.

So this year I'm all after home photosession and here's why:

• Relaxed atmosphere
• Home Christmas tree
• No extra charge for the Photostudio

There are, of course, studios with good natural light, different on a budget, for those who appreciate the light, but I'm sure that with pre-shooting consultation we can find a good light in any house)

This picture include some strange wall clock, but it was our wall clock)



• 1 hour of coverage
• Pre-shooting consultation
• 25-30 photos
• 1500 CZK
• All packed for you the very next day!



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